Cranberry Township boys paint rocks in memory of lost loved ones

Teen boy paints a white heart in remembrance of his ancestors who were lost to war. The white symbols innocence and the freedom he is so very thankful for.
Young boy in elementary school uses red paint to draw a makeshift heart on the stone. He chose the red as a symbol of the blood of the soldiers who have died for his freedom.
The boys placed their personalized pebbles around their very own neighborhood. One unique spot they chose to place this stone in was around a bed of flowers that reminded them of a gravestone.

On memorial day thousands of Americans commemorated the soldiers who laid down their lives for other’s freedom. One example of an event that was held to honor American soldiers was the painting of rocks with American flag colors and hearts. These festive rocks were then placed around Cranberry Township by two local boys.

The significance of this event is not that it helped the current soldiers, but that it was a simple way of showing respect and gratitude for those who were willing to protect their country and the people in it. Memorial day opened many peoples’ eyes to the overwhelming sacrifice that soldiers give every day. Without these brave men and women, the United States would be a much more dangerous place to live.

These two boys in Cranberry Township took a few moments out of their busy day to pay their respects to fallen soldiers, including a few of their ancestors. They had family members who fought in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War, despite half of their family being immigrants. Although they wanted to remain anonymous, they did wish for people to know that they did it “for the fallen soldiers.”

The young boys’ small act of kindness can inspire many to do similar good acts. Just like evil triggers evil, goodness produces goodness.