Is Heaven for Real?

A Movie Review

Heaven is For Real a movie based off the book written by Todd Burpo was just released into theaters on April 18, 2014.

Nebraska pastor Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear), spreads the news when his four-year-old son name Colton (Connor Corum)  recalls meeting Jesus in heaven during a surgery operation. Colton didn’t die at any point during his appendicitis surgery and his description of paradise (Heaven) is a rainbow colored horse, a light blue eyed Jesus. This  doesn’t appeal to the ones his father has been preaching too. But even his doubtful mother (Kelly Reilly) is convinced when Colton suddenly develops insight into things he shouldn’t know about, including his parents’ miscarriage and his dad’s angry outburst during his surgery. He talks of seeing a little girl inparadise who said she had died in his mother’s stomach before she was born.

This movie is based off of a true story and the 2010 best selling book that inspired it. Heaven is for Real has a lot of sweet and also sad imagery of the small town life and the typical family life that gets twisted around when this amazing event accrues. What the book doesn’t hold that the movie does is the dramatic tension which is captured in Todd’s broken leg and the disaster with kidney stones. The movie hits these points a lot harder, giving it more of a dramatic effect then the book who gives these events a more a lightweight faith.

There’s no antagonist, no resolution, and no real climax in this movie, mostly  just a series of mildly charming scenes in which Colton shares heavenly knowledge while his family reacts with awestruck and tears. Their experience must’ve been extraordinary.

The moviegoer’s is less so, giving a letter grading of a C and three out of five stars. Many conflicts have been brought upon this movie dealing with religion beliefs which is also a factoring case on most of these movie ratings.