The musical that ‘Blew Us All Away’

A fresh out of college student with big ideas: Lin-Manual Miranda was going to change Broadway forever on October 12, 2016 with his smash musical. The musical Manual is most credited for though is Hamilton 

This ‘All American Musical’ takes audiences around the globe through what is like to walk in Alexander Hamilton’s shoes. This musical not only covers most of America’s early history, but also what kind of relationships Hamilton had with his family, lovers, friends, and enemies. The astonishing songs in this brilliant musical help the audience understand what stress and drama was going on at the time our nation was just being put and brought together.   

Lin-Manual first got his inspiration to write this Tony award winning musical after he read a book titled Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. This book includes many of the themes that are in display with the songs such as “Say No to This” which focuses on his affairs that he was involved with. There are also lots of other songs that go through America’s history such as “Guns and Ships” and “Yorktown”. Both of these songs include details about some of the battles and the outcome of the fight while also explaining how the people involved felt emotionally. 

Though Hamilton is about to celebrate its two-year anniversary of being on Broadway, it still holds a great place in many hearts. This may be due to the fact that most of the musical is song based with almost no dialogue. Normally in Broadway history, the songs are more pop and up-beat sounding, but in Hamilton the songs however are rap based. It did take musical lovers a little bit of time to get acquainted to this factor, but soon fell in love with the smash hit musical. 

While Lin has written another accomplished musical called In the Heights some critics may argue that Hamilton was the best out of the two. Most people in the music business say that because Hamilton came out, Broadway has been changed forever. Some writers and directors may now show off different types of art styles when it comes to the song lyrics and genera’s.  

This musical is also a great education tool to children who are just in that stage of learning about the founding fathers and what they contributed to our society even today. Some of the songs have vulgar language and age restricting topics, but shown to the right age group could benefit the way they learn about the history of our nation.