Coco: The Best Film Reputation of Día De Los Muertos Ever

Disney Pixar’s newest movie, Coco, the story of a little Mexican boy named Miguel, who wants to be musician, despite his family’s hatred towards music, is the best cinematic representation of Mexico on Día De Los Muertos. This movie has been called cinematic perfection by many viewers and the best movie by Pixar yet!  The colors, structures, and characters represent the beauty of Día De Los Muertos perfectly and is a so called a cinematic masterpiece. 

The movie takes you on an adventure through Mexico on the Day of the Dead by day and the Land of the Dead by night. The colors are vibrant and the structures are grand.  

Reviews of the movie include phrases like, ” This is a stunning work of art. It’ll move you from happiness to tears, from memories of the past to the joy of the future. To understanding, to remembrance. To the joys and pains of being alive.”, and, “I wanted to see Pixar really get back on the game. Go beyond Up, and make a complete movie that was as beautiful as the first 20 minutes of Wall-E. I got my wish. “ 

Coco is a perfect movie for all ages, including an educational side. This movie shows the history of Day of the Dead and the history of the traditions of the day in Mexico. History and Spanish classes all over the country are taking students to see this movie as an educational and learning piece, and are being very successful.  

Coco is a perfectly executed movie and will become an icon in Disney Pixar history.