Black Panther: bang or bust?

The newest installment from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is the much anticipated Black Panther. The story follows  King T’Challa following his fathers death in Captain America Civil War. T’Challa is king of a third-world country called Wakanda, located in Africa. the the rest of the world Wakanda is a underdeveloped poor county. However, hidden from the rest of the world Wakanda is the most technologically advanced society in the world thanks to the rare earth metal vibrainium, which is only found there. The Black Panther is the king of the country and there fore its protector. Wearing a bullet proof suit made of vibrainium the Black Panther uses advanced fighting techniques to overwhelm their enemy.

The story kicks off with T’Challa getting placed as king. young and inexperienced he makes some rash decisions that lead to his unconventional enemy taking the throne from him, thus becoming king as well as the new Black Panther. Once king, Killmonger uses vibriaium to try and take over the countries that thought Wakanda was poor. T’Challa with the help of his tec-genius sister Shuri, his second in command Okoye, and C.I.A Agent Ross will fight a great battle to stop Killmonger.

This move resonates very well on so many levels. Its full of culture, tradition, mythology, and has a Shakespearean feel that helps the film stand on its own. Chadwick Boseman takes the role and does an excellent job of bringing King T’Challa to life and making him a compelling character. He immolates what you wan a leader to be, he shows strength, compassion, wisdom, and cares about his people.

Over all this movie has received many different praises from several critics. Including a 93% fan approval as well as certified fresh. With ties to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this film expands the known film series and will open more doors for films down the line.