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The fake story of the Muslim mayor who banned Christmas

Zachary Donaldson

January 15, 2018

Disreputable and satirical website Last Line of Defense posted a news article that the Hoboken New Jersey mayor Ravi Bhalla had banned the use of the word Christmas. The problem is that every major element of the story is entirely...

United States government: the next generation

Zach Donaldson

January 4, 2018

Every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30, the Rose E. Schneider YMCA's conference room is lit up with the fruitful debate of young adults. From debating mock bills and court cases to teaching activities of the press, Rose E. Schneider YMCA's...

Is kneeling really the problem?

Zach Donaldson

December 5, 2017

Imagine an America where a difference of opinion cannot be accepted; where the First Amendment is just a mere technicality. From President Trump demanding boycotts and delivering inflammatory statements, to the entire NFL organization...

George Walker Bush: A life in politics

Zachary Donaldson

November 1, 2017

Former president George Walker Bush has stepped back into the political fire with a speech of criticism against Nativism, and President Trump's 'America First' motives.  George W. Bush is a president with a legacy that is shrouded in much debate. His slow response to the disaster of Hurricane Katrina is widely criticized, and hi...

Have advances in technology hurt or helped us?

Zachary Donaldson

October 19, 2017

With the explosion of advances in modern technology, from video game consoles, television, and smart phones, many people can't imagine a world that was not drowned in tech. However, have all of these advancements put us on the...

Misdirection leads Seneca, Mars, and Shaler runners astray

Zachary Donaldson

October 2, 2017

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania- Last week on September 11th, the Seneca, Mars, and Shaler boys' Cross Country meet at Hartwood Acres had a surprising mishap which cost runners several minutes in their race.   One racer, w...