Seasonal Depression of Winter Darkness is a Real Issue for Some

Seasonal Depression of Winter Darkness is a Real Issue for Some

Each year as summer fades away and the sun is not out all of the time, people go into a depression.

Just imagine, that last day of autumn, when the sun is setting earlier than usual, and there is frost on the ground in the early morning-the start of winter.  Most people will be excited to get out their winter sweaters and wear them to holiday parties, or their favorite winter boots.  But, there are some people that absolutely hate winter.  Those are the people with a disorder called “Seasonal Defective Disorder” or SAD.  They get mentally depressed because it is so miserable outside.

Many people with this disorder feel better if they are surrounded by sun light or bright light.  Scientists who have studied the disorder say that they still do not know the real cause of the depression.  A bunch of things including brain cells and genetics are involved with the disorder.

People who live in higher altitudes are exposed to less sunlight during the winter.  Therefore, even artificial sunlight could be good for someone who is suffering from this winter disorder.

Many people who have to change their times each fall and spring, Daylight Savings, are more likely to develop this disorder because when they “fall back”, they are waking up before dawn, and therefore the sun is not shining.

During the cold months, it is very easy to just lay on the couch all day and do nothing because it is so cold.  The best idea is to become more active and move around so you don’t sit in a little depressed ball.  Many teenagers are suffering from this disorder because they are stressed about school work.  Adults are stressed about money and the cold and sunless winters are not too much of a help.

Another reason for this disorder could be you are not eating right.  During the winter months, it is the holiday season and many people eat cookies and a bunch of desserts.  What they should do, is if you are going out to a party during the winter season, try to steer towards the vegetables and fruit plates.  Although cookies may be a good idea at the time, you will be depressed when you are trying to lose the weight you put on while sitting around all winter doing nothing but eating junk food.