Fashions Trends for Spring and Summer 2014

Now that the winter months are over, it’s time to bring out the new spring and summer fashion trends.

New York fashion week has started and it is now in full swing.  The black and white combination is still very powering, yet people are saying that orange is the new black.

This year’s top ten fashion buys are not what you would think they would be.  They aren’t the maxi dresses or skirts, or crop tops.  They are actually some very unique clothing items, but still very fashionable if you complete the outfit accordingly.

This years skirt of fashion is the pleated skirt.  This skirt has been many runways already, being modeled for various different designers and brands.


Next we have large brush stroked shirts.  Designers like Chanel and Prada are selling these shirts like crazy.  They are a great shirt to wear on a casual occasion, or weekend day out.  With its bright colors and unique design, this shirt will be selling every where within weeks.

Burberry’s cotton candy outfit is a for sure top trend this year.  With its matching light pink lace top and skirt bottom, this outfit will be seen on various occasions, maybe even all across the globe.  To complete this outfit, a nice pair of silver heels and a mint green boyfriend jacket would make it perfect.

Sheer fabrics are becoming more and more popular as the years go on.  This year, a knee length black skirt will be gorgeous with a sheer lining on the outside of it, just passing the knees to show a little more skin in a sexier way.  To make this outfit your own, you can wear a crop top with it on warm summer days, or a sweat shirt on those chillier days.

Of course, every amazing outfit needs  accessories.  Every girl loves a small clutch purse, or even one that hangs over your shoulder.  But we all needs a bit more room in our bags than just a little clutch.  The Bucket/Rucksack Hybrid is a great handbag that is roomy enough to fit all of the necessary belongings a girl would need throughout the day.

And we can’t forget about dresses.  Since the warm spring/summer days are coming near, dresses are going to become more and more popular.  The shirt dress is a dress that has the top of a t-shirt, but the look of a dress.  This look is great for casual weekends or casual nights out.

Start off your summer right by heading to to pick up the latest and greatest fashion trends for spring and summer 2014!