A Zelienople Tradition as Old as Time


Panoramic view of entire display  when first turning into the park

When you grow up in Zelienople or Harmony and it is around Christmas time, that can only mean one thing, it is time to visit the Christmas box display.  These boxes were donated by Jim and Vicky Buzard from their house on Milton Street, Zelienople to the Zelie Park, which is where they currently reside.  This box display contains 9 boxes, which are made out of wood almost looking like a small house with a roof on top and clear windows, so the viewer can see inside.  When the viewer looks inside, they will see miniature figurines including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves working in “Santa’s Workshop”, etc.  Off the top of the head, there are multiple displays that come to mind.

View from car at beginning of display, Santa and Mrs. Claus greeting people in the very first box.

As you approach the beginning of this beautiful display, the box above is the first box you will see.  Inside, Mr. and Mrs. Claus are greeting everyone who visiting at “their” front door holding candle lights.  All throughout this display, there are many boxes that engage a little kids interest.  Multiple boxes have the Naughty and Nice List either on the wall for the kids to read and look for their name or Santa is checking it twice.  The box below if a fan favorite.  Once a kid comes across this, they immediately stop and look for their name until they find it.  They will search as long and has hard as possible until they do find their name.  But it is never good, and this happens to kids every year, when the name isn’t on the list.  You can only put so many names on that back wall and still have it be visible.

Santa sitting in his office, Naughty and Nice List on the back wall


Santa and his elves working in his workshop. Reads: “Santa’s Helpers Wanted” “ Apply within”

As we go along the street and get closer to the end, the boxes seem to be getting better.  The creators put so much thought into each box and how they could spike the interest for people of all ages.  So many tiny details that make every box, and without them the boxes would not be nearly as good.  Another box that gets the kids really into the experience is the one below, Santa’s reindeer in their barn.  As a kid you loved to feed Santa’s reindeer, and now you get to see Santa doing the same.

Santa feeding his reindeer in the barn (one of the last display boxes)


Mr. and Mrs. Claus sitting in living room. Santa is checking the Naughty and Nice list twice while Mrs. Claus knits

(Not pictured) Mr. and Mrs. Buzard also made a couple of boxes including the characters from Mickey’s Magical Christmas.  These would include Mickey and Minnie dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus, while opening their presents under the Christmas tree with Goofy by their side.

Out of the nine boxes, six are dedicated to Santa and how he gets ready for Christmas, two are Mickey and Minnie themed, while the last box is a church which is used to remember the religious aspect of the Christmas season.  This display is a perfect way to bring the family together and embrace the Christmas spirit in which these boxes hold.