Living in Harmony

Sarver, friend Lydia McManus, and Huff pictured in front of Stohr Haus Bakery in Harmony square before Homecoming

Madison Sarver and Lauren Huff have lived next door to each other for nearly ten years. Living in the small town of Harmony, the time they constantly spend tearing up the town together has transformed their friendship into a sisterhood. Each sleepover or walk in their pajamas to the local coffee shop has grown their bond deeper and deeper. Sarver and Huff have been through thick and thin together, but the countless laughs and memories they share remain consistent and radiant in their stomping grounds of Harmony, Pennsylvania.

Huff and Sarver pictured beside the Stohr Haus Bakery after a day on the town

Harmony’s charm has captivated just about all of those who cross its path. The Wunderbar is a café located in a small square next to the Harmony Emporium and the Stohr Haus Bakery. It sits in the first floor of an opera house that once hosted dances, socials, and plays. It is a fan-favorite of those who reside in Harmony who grab a bite to eat after getting off of the bus or on a cozy Sunday morning. And, of course, it is adored by those just passing through.

Sarver and Huff at a sleepover after coming home from the Wunderbar to get delicious hot chocolate

The Harmony Borough Municipal Building is another one of Harmony’s treasured establishments. It is located in a renovated version of what was once the town’s schoolhouse for elementary students up until the mid-20th century. Behind this building is a playground that serves as a hotspot for boatloads neighborhood children. It is a typical sight to see kickball games being played there during the summer while the parents go inside to pay bills and vote on community decisions.

Sarver and McManus at the Harmony Borough Park during a weekend


The Harmony Inn is one of many buildings that has been repurposed from its original use. It was once a hotel, but it is now a restaurant and bar that attracts many with its delectable dishes and haunted mysteries. In the late 1800’s the Hotel Ziegler was the home of bank president, Austin Pearce, but the well-preserved building soon turned into a hotel. After an extending porch, balcony, and a kitchen wing were added to the structure, the hotel was enlarged and opened as a restaurant. It is typical for the neighborhood dads to have a drink partnered with steak and mashed potatoes while watching the football game.

Huff and Sarver at the Harmony Inn enjoying delectable treats and laughter


Harmony seems to be a sponge that is rich with history that soaks up memories and to redistributes them amongst those who stumble across it. The hospitality and pride that shines through the residents makes Harmony a wonderful place to live, eat, work, and create friendships rich with memories that will last a lifetime.

Huff and Sarver in Harmony Square during a typical weekend routine