A 9-year old’s lemonade stand was a success

Last Saturday, May 26, 2018, Andrew, the son of Matt and Melissa Emery, decided to set up a lemonade stand near the local highway for his little 6-month-old brother, Dylan. 

The families are from Greenland, South Carolina but traveled to Pennsylvania’s hospital, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, to see a professional that could be able to save their incredibly sick infant. However, that hope was quickly shattered when the parent was told their son’s disease is unfortunately incurable.  

The deadly disease was Krabbe. According to the website ghr.nlm.nih.gov, Krabbe is a rare neurological condition that gets rid of the very important, protective covering around is nerve cells, also known as Myelin. If the nerve cell is severely damaged, then growth cannot happen, and permanent disabilites will occur. If worse, it can also lead to death.  

Their other son, Andrew decided to set up a lemonade stand for fundraiser. He  wanted to help spreading the awareness of the disease inside the committees, pay the medical bills with the help of social medias and some of his family members and friends, and buy Dylan a teddy bear. 

Lemonade was not the only thing they sold. They also sold some self-costumed t-shirts printed with the hashtag ‘teamdylan’ as well. The team even created a page called GoFundMe for extra support. Melissa would go on Facebook and give information about Dylan’s health. To their surprises, the young boy earned the total of $5860 dollars within the short time of two hours. It is over the parent’s expectation.  

Matt and Melissa Emery described that they were very proud of their son. No matter how much Andrew earned, they were happy to see Andrew to have such a kind heart.