Grammy’s white rose

On January 28th, the annual Grammys were held, and the public noticed when about half of the celebrities were wearing a white rose. When the public questioned as to why they were wearing a white rose, this was answered by several celebrities. It all goes back to the “#MeToo” and “Time’s Up” movements. These movements started with the women’s suffrage rights (a fight for women’s equality specific to voting) and which have progressed to the exposure of sexual harassment and abuse throughout the industries, including the music industry.

In light of this, Meg Harkins a music industry marketer, and producer Karen Rait decided that it was time to make these movements more well known. While at a dinner with other music industry professionals, they collectively came up with an idea:  the white rose. Representing hope, peace, and resistance, the white rose was chosen. After this decision was agreed upon, celebrities were contacted via mass email and asked to wear a white rose on the night of the Grammys. On the night of the Grammys it was reported that numbers in the hundreds were wearing white roses. Whether or not the wearing of the white rose impacted people the way it was intended, one thing is for sure. The message was received by the millions of Americans who watched the awards, and who followed up on social media.