Debate on gun laws brought back with the Parkland school shooting

The debate of the gun laws has come back in full force with the Parkland, Florida shooting, with kids and their parents fighting for stricter gun laws.

The kids involved in the Parkland shooting have been pressuring the Government and the President to improve the gun laws. Around 50 school shooting threats have been made every day since the Florida shooting. Parents and Students are hounding the President to make the schools safer.

The President has met with three different groups to discuss these requests of altering and “improving” the gun laws. The most recent meeting was with the nation’s governors. In the meeting the president urged the governors to take up his NRA supported idea of arming some educators. Most don’t agree. They feel as though the responsibility of carrying and firing a gun should not be on the teachers.

The president’s idea has it pros and cons. According to Homeland Security it takes an average of 18 minutes for the first responders to get to the shooting site, sometimes longer. However, the average school shooting would have ended 5 minutes before they got there. The downside to the president’s idea would be if the shooter had found a gun on the teachers and used that instead of their own or killed the teacher or teachers that had the gun first and then continue.