President Trump holds Listening Session with victims from school shooting

Parents and students speak to President Trump about their experiences during a listening session with the president on Wednesday.

President Trump’s meeting with the victims on Wednesday was a chance for the victims to share their views on gun laws in America and what they want to be done.

Many parents attended the meeting with their children and shared their stories from what it felt like to be a parent with a child in the building. One father spoke of his 18-year-old daughter named Meadow. Meadow was killed in the shooting. Andrew Pollack was the father and he told what happened to his daughter, and added his opinion on the changes he believes should take place on gun laws.

Another story came from a student who was a survivor of the shooting at Lincoln Douglas. His name is Samuel Zeif, he told President Trump of frantically texting his loved ones and then realizing his brother was in a classroom on the floor above him, where the shooting was happening. He also told President Trump that he doesn’t understand why he can still walk into a store and buy a weapon of war.

President Trump went on to give suggestions to the group about ways to make their schools safer and how to prevent further attacks. Such as arming school staff. He also spoke about increasing the effect of background checks that are needed to purchase a weapon. These ideas seemed to go over well with the group and may be placed in our economy.

Trump also said that he would be meeting with a gathering of the nation’s governors and would be discussing school safety during the meeting. He promised that solutions are on the horizon and they would find an answer to this problem. He also stated, “Starting two minutes after this meeting we’re going to work. We’re going to settle this all together,” he said. “We don’t want others to go through the kind of pain you’ve gone through.”

This meeting truly showed the victims of the shooting that their prayers would not go unanswered and that their voices were heard.