Suffocation from peanut allergy will decrease due to the new treatment

Aimmune Terapeuti Company’s invention of peanut allergy treatment in major studies is currently succeeding on Tuesday, Feb 20th,2018. Their ultimate goal is to help people, mainly children, to be able to tolerate peanut allergy by taking daily peanut powder capsules and less chance to be exposed to danger.

Surprising or not, approximately 500 children within the age of four to seventeen has suffered in extreme allergy reaction to even only a tenth of a peanut during their test; symptoms such as rash, hard to breathe, anaphylaxis, and much more. It is even considered as one of the top allergies in American nowadays. The treatment in the study has depicted overall positive results and safe. By the end of the study though, 67% are now able to consume around two pieces of peanut. Even if it not seen much, it showed improvements and children would be safer when exposed to danger. They have not yet discovered a way to fully cure peanut allergy. This also does not apply to everyone though. Estimations of 20% dropped out of the study, mostly because of other allergies. However, according to an allergy specialist, Dr. Andrew Bird, such a small impact can decrease the danger to the allergy by 95%. Aimmune Terapeuti wished to present such a fascinating invention to the medical meeting next month to get approval from professionals. The company also wanted to get consents from the U.S Food and Drug Administration before the end of the year 2018 and from Europe next year. Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health have a brilliant advice for mothers who has babies in their care. They recommend moms to feed six-month babies peanut food to build tolerate at young ages. For example, putting peanut powder in drinks or food. Mothers should be careful about choking hazard though. Aimmune Terapeuti is trying the lower the price of the treatment to make it as affordable as possible. Chief of executive has planned the price to be around $5000 to $10,000 for at least six months. The afterward, it will be decrease to approximately $300 to $400. Most universities and doctors are looking forward to the future result of this new change, hoping that it would change the society in a good way.