Korean War announces peace treaty after 65 long years

A historical summit recently took place where Korean leaders KIm Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In agreed to begin discussion in reaching an agreement to formally end the Korean War through a peace treaty. An announcement will occur later this year.  

After decades of neglect, the war between North Korea and South Korea is finally getting the ending it deserves, with the leaders agreeing to offer up a peace zone in the Peninsula. While an armistice was signed in 1950, there was never an official peace treaty among the two countries, making them virtually at odds with each other still to this day.  

The agreement is rumored to benefit both sides in splitting ownership with the Peninsula, reduce military arms between one another, and more. The armistice is expected to be converted into the reissued formal agreement. This is to be complete by mid-autumn of 2018.  

This reissued armistice would be a huge milestone for both Jong-Un and Jae-In, as ending unresolved conflict between two bordered countries can help to clean up their image.  

Before any of that would happen, North and South Korea would need to be given permission to formulate a peace-treaty by all the other countries who fought in the Korean War, as it would affect them as well. Donald Trump provided America’s blessing, pushing peace 10 steps forward.  

The Korean War occurred from 1950 to 1953 between North and South Korea where conflict ensued when North Korea wanted South Korea to join them under one communist nation, but South Korea wanted to remain a part of the Free World. To maintain this, South Korea allied with America to contain Communism. South Korea achieved their goal, as they had remained free by the end of the war. 

Now that the armistice is being reissued into a formal end to the war, North and South Korea may finally be able to live next to each other with less conflict over something that happened a century ago and move forward together focusing on a bright future.