Kanye West loses respect from millions after latest Twitter controversy

Following a double-album announcement last week, Kanye West erupted anger among his millions of Twitter followers and celebrity friends after coming out in support of Donald Trump, only to later proclaim that slavery was “a choice.” 

Rapper Kanye West broke headlines last week when he tweeted out his support for President Donald Trump by posting a picture of himself in a red hat with the “Make America Great Again” slogan, calling Donald Trump his “brother,” as well as claiming they relate through their “dragon energy,” which basically means they have an immense amount of energy, similar to that of a dragon.  

Days later, the rapper went on TMZ live for an interview where he blurted out the shocking sentence that slavery was probably a choice, saying that “When you hear about slavery for 400 years…for 400 years? That sounds like a choice.” This sparked outrage on social media, with fans going ballistic tweeting hate towards him, as well as numerous celebrities unfollowing him such as The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and more.  

The rapper is usually known for an out of the box personality, however tweeting out support for an unpopular politician as well as being unjust towards a touchy subject such as slavery is only begging to garner up some hate from fans.  

Many people have suspected the controversies were ploys to gain attention and press leading up to his next solo album and joint album with fellow rapper Kid Cudi, both dropping early June.  

While it’s unclear exactly what West’s motives were, his opinion is valued by many, as many celebrities rushed to contact him, hoping to respectfully argue against him. Singer John Legend, and rappers Charlamagne the God and Chance the Rapper contacted Kanye via text-message. Using only kind words, all three artists were respectful of his opinions, but had to comment, knowing the absurdity of it.  

West garnered even more attention by posting screenshots of each text message conversation, making fans confused with the invasion of privacy. The rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian-West had to assure fans that this wasn’t a mental breakdown, merely his own radical beliefs.  

With weeks to go before his next record drops, there are sure to be more absurd headlines with Kanye’s name in them, as this does tend to happen right around the time to promote his upcoming music.