The Distractions of Social Media: Are We Helping or Hindering Our Youth?


Facebook, Twitter, Texting.  These are all things that have been affecting the lives of many people all across the globe.

Each year, new technology arises, and the outcome is magnificent.  Most people in the world have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a cell phone.  These items cause distractions to children, young adults, and adults themselves.  These distractions are taking people’s attention away from families and their friends all of the time.  Even toddlers are being distracted by this technology, and it’s their parents fault.  When the child is crying or whining, the parent shoves an iPad in their face to make them be quiet and happy.

During school, most kids have out their cell phones.  Whether the teacher allows it or not, students always find a way to sneak their cell phone out.  This causes them to be distracted during class and that shows the result in their grades.  Even at home while students should be studying for upcoming tests, their cell phone or lap top is a distraction.  This can also lead to drop in grades and such.

There are some positive sides to social media as well.  Google is a good source to quickly look up answers to questions or to contact someone that isn’t very easy to reach.  In some schools, like Seneca Valley, the district allows BYOT, Bring Your Own Technology.  You can use your phone for school purposes to look up facts or answers, but only if the teacher permits the use of it.  Most teachers are lenient with it, but others disagree.

Being distracted by social media while driving is very dangerous.  Looking at your phone while behind the wheel of a car is by far one of the most dangerous things to do.  If you are responding or reading  text, your attention is no longer on the road and it is on the cell phone.  This can cause a fatal crash and more than one person could lose a life.

Social media is not necessary 24/7.  The next time you are around family, turn your phone off. And when you are in a car turn it off as well. Save a life!