School should adjust their school starting time for the sake of their students

Among many scientific studies, it has shown that lack of sleep caused many negative health conditions and less education intake among youngsters. I am a student myself and decided to type an article regarding to sleep deprivation due to the things I have seen with my two eyes in my school.

Many of my friends, even myself, were being unmotivated and inactive to learn due to exhaustion. Many could not catch up to their buses or decided to skip the morning meal. Many wanted to study in the morning, but didn’t have time and got stressed about the upcoming tests ahead of them. Based on the data collected from the website to, 73 out of 102 students confessed the reason they felt they performed inadequately on an assignment or exam; lack of sleep.

The average amount of sleep a student need to perform their best is around 8.5 to 9.5 hours. Many school can defend their early school starting time due to after school activities. However, I believe that to make the activity more meaningful, you must participate and work at full potential. Instead, sleep deprivation does the opposite. Also stated by the same source and an article from New York Times, lack of sleeps causes obesity, learning issue, depression, inability to concentrate, moodiness, and many more problems. Those personalities and problems are not needed in the society just because of lack of sleep. If worse, student will even treat others unfairly. Student does not have to like school, but at least feel comfortable of the environment is at least necessary. Plus, lack of sleep can unbelievably cause deaths to young drivers. The reason for that is because they have a hard time concentrating on the road or passed out.

In addition to all of this, students doesn’t have the time to eat breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is essential since it helps you boost energy to start the day and less likely to gain weight. Lastly, students should have time to socialize a bit or ask questions using things like email. It’s good for their social health and they will get a better understanding of the subjects they are taking if they ask questions. My suggestion is that school should start around 9- 9:30am. That is what most countries with high intellectual level does nowadays; an example Americans should follow as well. Think about it, ladies and gentlemen. School is a place to benefit students for their future, not for harm.