Maddy Kosinski: Artist of the Week


  Maddy Kosinski, a sophomore enrolled in Visual Arts 3, currently holds the title of Artist of the Week. Her featured piece can be seen outside the art rooms.

  The Artist of the Week is chosen by his or her art teacher, who displays the student’s art for the week in the hallway for other students to see. Kosinski said, “I showed my art teacher [Mr. Woolslare] my weekly sketch and he just asked if he could use it as artist of the week.” She humbly stated, “I like being recognized for my work, but I don’t make a big deal out of it.”

  Her painting depicts a newspaper background and a girl with an umbrella shielding herself from the rain, along with the words, “All the world is waiting for the sun…” She explains that “usually, the news portrays sad things, awful events occuring. It’s a consistent message of sadness, so the girl is ‘protecting’ herself from it all with the umbrella.”

  Kosinski has always had an interest in art. “I really just like the thought of self-expression through colors; I’ve painted since I was little!” she says. Though she has always been artistic, she has never put her art into shows or had any recognition prior to being the Artist of the Week. To artists who are struggling, she explains, “If you don’t practice it you’ll never get better.”