Student Council Promote Their Great Fundraisers For the Holiday Season

On Friday December 13, The Senior High Student Council healed a pancake breakfast to help raise money for the less fortunate in the district.  The pancake breakfast was a huge hit and the student council raised a lot of money to help the less fortunate.

Student council has done many fundraisers to benefit The Humain society, Toys for Tots, and many others.

Seneca Valley is a very fortunate school; we have many privileges but for some people in the school, it can be hard to go home and have very little. That is why student council decided to create a fundraising event to help those families in need.

I got a chance to interview Bobby Vandrak a member of the Seneca Valley student council about the pancake breakfast. He said, “ I think this pancake breakfast was a great idea and I am trying to get the Intermediate High school to have one, too.” He also said, ”As a school we should come together and try and help those in need. It can be very hard for families who have little money especially around the holiday season. So this is a very good fundraiser that you should participate in, plus who doesn’t love some good pancakes?!”

This friday will be the annual dodge ball tournament, also run by student council. Each team must pay a fee of thirty dollars, and all money will go to charity. I asked Mr. Vandrak if he was looking forward to the tournament, he said, “ Yes, This is a very fun day in which I my self will also be participating in!”

There will be twenty girls teams and twenty boys team. Throughout the day teams will slowly be eliminated  till they only have two boys teams left and two girls teams left. They will then hold a championship game for each the boys and girls. Then they will have the girl champion team face the boy champion team.

Student council is always coming up with new ways to raise money so next time you get a chance, try and participate in the fun and also feel good because you know that you are helping someone out.