Student Council Sponsors Masquerade Ball to Benefit Fellow Student

On March 21, 2013, the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School (IHS) held their first Masquerade dance.

The dance was held in the IHS gym and cafeteria at 7pm and went until 10pm.

Student council was responsible for setting up the dance and all the plan work.  Student Council officer Bobby Vandrak said, “The Masquerade was a lot of fun. We got a really good DJ and raised a lot of money for the student with Leukemia [a type of cancer].”

Mr. Vandrak also said they sold around 150 tickets. “I felt that this was a pretty good number, but I wish we [had] succeeded a little more.”  They raised a total of $750, which is a very substantial amount for selling each ticket at only $5.

When purchasing a ticket, each student also received a undecorated mask. The students could decorate the mask to their own liking and then wear it at the dance.

They held a contest for best mask, which was won by Yuki Kush, a tenth grade student. She decorated her mask in peacock feathers, which matched her black and blue dress.  She received a ten dollar gift card to Moe’s and a free mask.

All in all the dance was a hit, and they are even considering using the Masquerade theme as next year’s homecoming dance theme.