All about Fall: Fashion, Fun, and Food


The sweaters are coming out and the haunted houses are now open. This is a sure sign that fall is here!

Fall is one of the best season for fashion. Emily Haus even said that her favorite part about fall was the clothes: “I love wearing big sweaters, legging,and scarfs.” She also said she likes going to haunted houses and loves how everything is so pretty outside.

Some trending fall fashion for girls would be long skirts and dresses, patterned and floral printed pants/leggings, and combat type boots. Fall fashion colors would be deep pinks and teals, also black and white or ivory.

In honor of starting the fall season, on September 22, Starbucks is now offering their fall favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte. This drink is made up of Espresso, pumpkin-flavored syrup and steamed milk. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices. It is by far a customer favorite. Veronica Krol said, “I love fall because I can have Pumpkin Spice Latte and warm apple cider”.

Pumpkin pie is always a classic for fall food. 97 percent of Americans will consume at least five pieces of pie during the fall season 1,592,000,000 pieces of pie!

With fall comes Halloween and haunted houses. There are many haunted houses around the Pittsburgh area, such as The ScareHouse which was ranked third scariest scare house in America. The ScareHouse is located right next to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

Pittsburgh also presents the Phantom Fright Night at Kennywood Amusement park that also includes ten scary attractions which are Death Valley Ghost Town, Haunted Noah’s Ark, Dark Shadow Maze, Villa of the Vampire, Gory Park, Fear Festival, Mortem Manor, Voodoo Bayou, Kennyville Cemetery, and Biofear.

Not all halloween attractions are scary though theres always the classic hay ride with the pumpkin picking patches. Emily Haus said, “I usually go with my little cousin Hannah to Rielly’s Summer Seat.”

Fall is here, so let the big sweaters and hoodies come out, the warm drinks to be brewed and the scares and screams of haunted houses be open!