October Haunts: What to Do For Halloween


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Fun Frights for the Halloween Season

In addition to the numerous ‘real’ haunted houses and cemeteries, the Pittsburgh area hosts many haunted attractions for the Halloween season. While some only last for the week of Halloween, most continue to entertain throughout the month of October, with some even lasting through the first week of November.

The ScareHouse 2013: Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Haunted House, located ten minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, offers multiple haunts for participants to explore. The haunts range from Forsaken and Pittsburgh Zombies to “The Basement,” which has different rules than the other attractions and it also requires a separate ticket purchase. Because tickets for any of the haunts often sell-out, ordering tickets online ahead of time is crucial, especially for large groups.

The ScareHouse website also strongly discourages anyone under the age of 13 and will not accept anyone under the age of seven. “The Basement” requires all participants be at least 18 years old, and everyone must sign a waiver form upon entering “The Basement.” It also has separate rules and regulations regarding the interactions between the actors and participants.

The ScareHouse is open every Friday and Saturday from 7pm to midnight, from September 27 to November 2. Additionally, it is also open every Thursday and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

FrightFarm 2013: A Victorian Nightmare offers a different atmosphere for the holiday season. Changing the theme each year, FrightFarm provides a carnival-like attraction with “Haunted Mansion,” the Haunted Hayride and the Terror Maze.

The Haunted Hayride brings guests to the manor, which is where the “Haunted Mansion” begins. While the house itself is open for exploration, there are also swamps, graveyards, and even an underground mausoleum, all filled with spirits and monsters. The Terror Maze boasts 10,000 square feet, most of which are encompassed in a twisting and turning labyrinth, filled with haunting characters.

The bands play every Friday and Saturday night, but some make an appearance on Sunday nights. Occasionally, a DJ will fill-in when there are no scheduled bands, but “Charity Night,” which is every Wednesday, remains without a band or DJ. Their website, www.frightfarm.com offers a full calendar with event dates and times.

In addition to the haunts, FrightFarm also has live bands playing on scheduled nights. Also, every Sunday night is ‘Family Night,’ giving out discounts to families, while the same treatment is given to students every Wednesday night.

Closed only on Mondays and Tuesdays, FrightFarm runs from 7-10pm every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, while Friday and Saturday nights extend to midnight. Following the same pattern as ScareHouse, the attraction opened on September 27 and ends on November 2.