Seneca Valley’s “On Top Of The World”

Lip Dub Contest Submission Gains Local News Attention


On November 6, 2013, Seneca Valley shot their very first Lip Dub, which is a video that is one continuous shot that may not be edited, and people must lip sync to a song.

Mr. Korcinsky discovered the contest and brought the idea up to SVTV production. When they heard the assignment they were very excited. The contest rules were that the video had to be one continuous shot and it could not be edited. The other rule was that it had to be creative, and the group had to do a video to 1 of the 15 song choices.

Last year the winner of this contest was Peters Township High school. The winner of the contest receives a five thousand dollar check presented by Lynn Swann a former Steelers football player, from Trib Total Media. The entries are to be submitted by the November 8. People may start voting for their favorite video on November 15. The voting ends December 8.

I interviewed one of the producers, Patrick O’Shea, and asked him if he felt that Seneca had a good chance of winning the contest. His response was, “Yes, I think we have a very good chance of winning because for one, our video is very organized, and also we have about 1,200 students in our video unlike the other videos.”

So far fifteen entries have been summited and there is expected to be more. So make sure to vote for your favorite school!

Mr. O’Shea also said that,”I had a lot of fun planning and choreographing this video, it wasn’t easy but we did an awesome job!”

For three weeks Seneca practiced and rehearsed, and the hard work definitely paid off. The video has been watched and promoted by The Freak Show from 96.1 Kiss and Star 100.7.