Steelers’ Losing Streak Disheartens Fan base

Many hopeful fans tuned in to watch the Steelers game at the beginning of this season. They were all hoping for another great season, but were let down when they began to lose.

The Steelers are entering their ninth game with a record of only two wins and six losses. This is the lowest record the Steelers have had since 1969. This, of course, disappoints many Steelers fans across the country.

As a result, all Steelers fans are frustrated due to the lack of wins this year so far. This dramatic decline in wins has made many fans have lose faith in their favorite football team.

Coach Tomlin, head coach of the Steelers, comments on their performance in their most recent game versus the New England Patriots on the Steelers’ website:

“A disappointing performance, probably as disappointed as I have been especially under the circumstances in terms of how we were able to fight back there at the beginning of the second half. It was a 24-24 game and they handled us and handled us well. We have to accept that and move forward and we will. We give them the credit. They were the better team tonight and the scoreboard and stats reflected that.”

It has been ten seasons since the Steelers have done this poorly; 2003 was the last year that the Steelers have ended the season with a losing record. However, since then, the Steelers have done great. They made appearances in three Super Bowls and two of those were victories.

The reason that Steelers fans are taking the losses so hard is becasue they are a bit spoiled. They are used to the Steelers winning and not having a losing season. Steelers fans praise them when they win and grumble about it when they lose. No matter what, through think and thin, the Steelers fan base must stick together or the whole thing falls.

The chances of the Steelers making the playoffs is very doubtful at this point, obviously due to their losing season. The team is not working together as a whole, which is contributing to the losing streak. Even if the team pulls together, it is very unlikely that they will enter playoffs.