Super Bowl not only Big Event happening this Sunday

The coveted Super Bowl NFL Championship Game will take place this Sunday Evening, however another huge, annual event is sure to grab Television viewer’s attention — The Puppy Bowl.  

This Sunday, millions of Football fans around the country will gather around their Televison’s to watch the 52nd annual Super Bowl to see if The Eagles or The Patriots will win the prestigious Super Bowl Trophy. However, there is another “Bowl” happening this Sunday, but instead of Football players, there are some four-legged friends! 

The Puppy Bowl is an annual Television Extravaganza that takes place 3 p.m. on Animal Planet every Super Bowl Sunday. There are usually two teams, the Ruffs, and the Fluffs. Each team is filled with rescued and sheltered dogs brought in from all over the country. It accumulated over 2.5 million viewers last year, making it the top-rated cable program of the day. 

This year, the Puppy Bowl is teaming up with The Center for Animal Health and Welfare, to bring in a special group of furry friends. The Puppy Bowl is proudly bringing in survivor dogs that were rescued from areas impacted by recent Hurricanes. All dogs that participate in the Puppy Bowl are adopted by the end of the show, and it is truly a great foundation.  

Although the competing puppy’s will be the main focus this Sunday afternoon, the show is also filled with many other animals as well, just not competing. The show will be kicking off with Season 12 contest of America’s Got Talent to bring you a special performance of the Star-Spangled Banner by a very talented chicken. The Half Time show will be performed by a sweet group of Kitty’s, every time team Ruff or team Fluff scores, a Bird will live tweet the whole experience. There are also support blimps that hang over the stadium featuring Hamsters.  

All this and more, will be hosted by the Puppy Referee who not only narrates the game, but pulls the strings for the whole show. Andrew Schecter, Animal Plant’s associate producer, allows for all of this to happen. 

The Puppy Bowl Extravaganza airs Sunday February 4th, 2018. For information on adopting one of the players, visit the Animal Planet website.