Louisville basketball forced to vacate national title

The University of Louisville was forced to vacate their 2013 NCAA Basketball National Championship on February 20, 2018. They were also stripped of 123 wins dating from 2012-2015 due to a sex scandal.

Historic coach, Rick Pitino, and athletic director Tom Jurich were fired in October of 2017 in the wake of the news. This happened because between 2010-2014, Andre McGee, an assistant coach at Louisville, paid $10,000 to provide strippers for dorm parties for both current and future players. Head coach, Rick Pitino also paid a family $100,000 to secure a commitment to Louisville. Louisville was also forced to vacate multiple final four appearances over a four year span, and were forced to return a $600,000 payout from their success in the tournament. Louisville is now the first program in NCAA history to have a title vacated. Louisville tried to appeal the decision but it was not overturned. This scandal led to the FBI investigating numerous programs for violation.

Recently, The FBI has investigated other programs such as Arizona, USC, Auburn, Miami and Oklahoma State. A few years back, Syracuse was involved in a scandal, similar to Louisville. Head coach, Jim Boeheim, was suspended for 9 games. The program also had to vacate 108 wins. Recently, this past week, Arizona head coach, Sean Miller was caught cheating during investigations. He and agent, Christian Dawkins, were offering up to $100,000 to star player DeAndre Ayton. Ayton, now a freshman at Arizona, is projected to be drafted top 5 in the upcoming NBA Draft. As for Sean Miller, he has been forced to sit out the past few games, and will likely be fired at seasons end. Now, many other programs are being investigated, and it’s projected that up to 20 different schools will get busted for allegations.