Queen Elizabeth postpones wedding?

Even though the United States and England happen to be very far away that does not mean that we, Americans, do not hear about all of the news that goes on over there. Fake news is something that no matter where you live you will encounter. The Queen of England or even the royal family in general are just some great examples of a bunch of fake news that happens regarding the United Kingdom that spreads on to the United States.  

There have been reports that Queen Elizabeth wanted to postpone Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding because Meghan did not want to sign the prenuptial agreement. That is what Meghan Markle said, or is it? The queen did not actually want to postpone the wedding. This caused a big fight with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She was very distraught to find out that someone was spreading this fake news. Just to show how much they are looking forward to having Meghan in their family they even invited Meghan to come to the queen’s home in Norfolk for some Christmas festivities. No one that is not yet part of the royal family has ever been invited so this shows how much the queen is welcoming her into the family. The queen is very much looking forward for their wedding that’s taking place on May eighteenth of this year.  

Though Queen Elizabeth still must approve of their wedding because the way their government is set up, she never wanted to have it postponed. It is very unlikely that she will not approve this wedding. She just wants her children to have good marriages and not mess up their life choices. Though this prenuptial agreement will most likely be demanded or signed anyways before the wedding can take place, this does not mean that the queen wanted their wedding postponed or not to happen at all. Lots of people decide to sign this paper before they get married.