Fortnite burger joint “Durr Burger” under fire

The mainstream media is striking back again, this time at Epic Games, the company who is most known for the game, “Fortnite”

The problem is a virtual burger joint, “Durr Burger”. The food restaurant resembles a layout similar to a Burger King or McDonalds, and the mascot is a burger with eyes in opposing directions with a bacon tongue sticking out, giving the impression of a “Durr Burger”., the website that allows people to begin a petition on various issues, has a new petition available for signing. The name and mascot of Durr Burger is offensive, as it resembles a disabled person. The mascot is a childish and lightly animated burger, with a humorous look and backstory.

The issue is that the mainstream media is again offended by something that really isn’t a huge deal if you think about it. The petition has 486/1000 signatures as of 5/22/2018.

“People with disabilities are just as much human as the next person. It is wrong to profit off hurting people with an image that diminishes the work of unifying people together. Durr Burger divides the unity that is between all humans with and without disabilities.” (Source: )


The “profit” they complain about is a shirt and a hoodie set on the Epic Games with Durr Burger as the main feature. Apparently a shirt with the words, “Durr Burger” and a picture of the mascot is influencing prejudice against mentally challenged people.

But does, “Durr Burger,” a virtual video game burger joint, “divide the unity,” between people with and without disabilities?

Maybe the people causing these divisions are the ones saying they are, “hurting,” as the petition states. Why say someone is hurting; Is it just because they are different from you?

I also love how they cease to mention the gun violence in the game; with all the gun control laws they love to preach about, you think they would suggest the game is a factor in rising gun transgressions, right? Nope. The name of a virtual burger joint in the corner of the map is the biggest problem they could find.

I, like every other teenager my age, play my fair share of Fortnite, but I haven’t been influenced by a fictitious burger joint. Maybe we should start teaching our kids maturity, respect, and responsibility  instead of blaming the game they play.