Students return from annual Youth and Government convention

Students from the Rose E. Schneider YMCA Youth and Government club returned from Harrisburg on Sunday, April 22nd. They were taking their yearly trip there for a Model convention with other students from delegations across the state. For one weekend, the capitol building is the home to hundreds of students who set up their own government there. There is a House and a Senate where bills are debated and passed, a Supreme Court and a Chief Justice that hear cases from attorneys, lobbyists that represent special interests, press that reports on the daily happenings in their newspaper, and a Youth Governor and administration to sign bills into law. The entire program is a way to expose high school students to government and get them involved at a young age.  The convention is a wonderful chance to meet new people and debate issues that many people never consider.

Strawberry Square, a market plaza near the capitol, is a favorite of many of the Youth and Government members. When food is not provided at the capitol, Strawberry Square is where they head to. The photo shows the entrance sign lit up at night.
Two of Rose E Schneider’s delegation leaders and presiding officers at the convention play the Ukulele. Late at night, fun moments like this keep the delegates energized.


The capital building is known for its historic beauty, and the Senate chambers are no different. The tall, grand ceiling and ornate murals make it a sight worth seeing.
At the closing ceremony, a slideshow was shown with pictures from the convention. The screen displays a photo of Senate Majority Party Leader Brenna Wrubel.